My Bucket List

I think this is a pretty cool blog to write about. There are a lot of things that I would love to do in my lifetime that I have not done yet. First of all I want to start off with graduating college which will be happening in the next few weeks. Secondly I would love to travel around the world. I have never been out of the country, so going on a relaxing all inclusive trip on a beach somewhere with my boyfriend would be awesome. Traveling is a pretty common goal that a lot of people have. Another goal that I would like to acheive before I die is going white water rafting! I have always wanted to do that since I was little kid. Finally one of the last things on my bucket list is to be on the Real World. That is kind of a werid and immature goal, but I think it would be a lot of fun. I would like to be remembered as an outgoing, easy to talk to, trust worthy, confident person.


About tbk014

I am 24 years, who grew up in St. Louis, Mo and have lived in Statesboro for four years. I am a Georgia Southern Senior, who loves sports and hanging out with friends.
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6 Responses to My Bucket List

  1. g8buck says:

    OMG i totally love that we have the same goals! I dont think it’s immature at all to want to be on the Real World… That has been my dream ever since I first began watching the show 10 years ago. I also have always wanted to go white water rafting. It just seems so adventurous! Too bad you’re planning on moving back to St. Louis or i
    ‘d say we could try and knock out a few of these goals together… 🙂

  2. hhene89 says:

    Congrats on graduating soon! I still have another year to go! Also, I have traveled quite a few places, and I must say that the Amalfie (spell check!) Coast is my favorite place so far! It’s gorgeous and would be a great honeymoon spot, in my opinion. Also, I recently traveled to Washington state, and the country land is absolutely amazing! I love travelling, and I hope that’s something that you get enjoy before you “kick it” as well! 🙂

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  4. lahartley says:

    White water rafting is awesome! If you ever get the chance to go, do it!

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  6. timbo23 says:

    Rafting sounds very fun !! Nice list

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