The World Without Facebook

The world without facebook would be different, but I do not think that would be a bad thing. Facebook is a great way to communicate with people that are long distances away and to advertise for different businesses, but facebook also causes alot of trouble. Facebook causes people to get into other people’s business and also causes people to not have as intimate as relationships with each other. I think my life would almost be better without facebook in some ways. It would force me to talk on the phone or go see someone in person to communicate it with them. Facebook and Twitter are very cool and popular inventions, but we lived our lives just fine before they existed so I’m pretty sure everyone would be able to live there lives just as well if they went away.


About tbk014

I am 24 years, who grew up in St. Louis, Mo and have lived in Statesboro for four years. I am a Georgia Southern Senior, who loves sports and hanging out with friends.
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4 Responses to The World Without Facebook

  1. kaseyatl88 says:

    I totally agree with you about the relations being less intimate because all someone has to do is write on your wall or tag a picture of you and it causes unnecessary chaos. I could definitely go for a facebook break, it would be a nice breather.

  2. The loss of Facebook would definitely FORCE people to actually interact with other human beings. I like Facebook and twitter but I prefer to actually see the person I’m talking to.

  3. Tera,
    I think that if we didn’t have facebook we would be forced into a much more social world. Many people think they are socializing while on facebook when in fact it is more social to see someone in person and interact than through the computer. I could go for a break to! After a while its just aggrivating!
    🙂 Autumn

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